BB Usage Statistics

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The BB Usage Statistics Hack displays statistical information on a forum user's profile page detailing the user's per forum and per category statistics:

* Posts - The number of posts.
* Post Rate - A value that can be scalable by the viewer at the board administrator's discretion. A default scaling factor can be also set by the administrator.
* Percent of User's Total Posts
* New Topics - The number of new topics initiated by the user.
* Topic Rate - Functions in the same fashion as Post Rate.
* Watched - The number of topics being watched by the user.

The hack's administrative configuration options include the ability to set:

* The classes of users allowed to view the statistics. The classes of users include Anonymous, Self, Users, Moderators, Admin and Special Group. The Special Group allows the administrator to define a usergroup and assign it the ability to view user statistics.
* View Options which switch on or off various items of information in the statistics table including "Display %UTUP Column in Stats Table," "Show All Forums Regardless of Post Count" and viewer scalability of the Post and Topic Rates.
* The default scaling factors for the Post Rate and Topic Rate columns.
Revision: 0.30.2
File Size: 157 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.3 - 2.0.4
Author: Chris Lennert
Downloads: 3647
Added: February 19, 2003
Last Update: February 20, 2003