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Moderator's Manual
Adds a configurable moderator's manual on your phpBB.
Terms of Use
Adds a configurable terms of use page to your phpBB.
Privacy Policy
Adds a configurable privacy policy page to your phpBB.
Rules and Policies
Adds four configurable policy, etc. pages to your phpBB and will add a link to them in your footer.
Simple Network Bar
Adds an editable jumpbox to your overall header where you can add links to your other sites.
Site Links Jumpbox
Adds an editable jumpbox to your overall header where you can add links to other sites.
Add Name and Address to Profile (Not Publicly Viewable)
Make it so that users must enter their name and address into their profile.
Member Number in View Topic
Adds the member number under the member joined date in view topic.
Affilliates Link Box
Adds an affiliates box to your overall_footer.tpl.
Lottery Winner on Index and ezPortal
Adds the latest Lottery Hack lottery winner to the Who is Online section on the index page and to the Statistics Block on ezPortal, if you have it installed.
Lottery PM
Makes it so that the Lottery Hack lottery winner is notified via private message.
Post Subject On a New Line
Moves the post subject in view topic to a separate line, freeing up space next to the Quote and Edit buttons, etc.
phpBB Menu Organizer
Adds a separate customizable menu page to your phpBB that uses session management and cuts back on a cluttered menu list in your overall_header.tpl.
Avatar and Welcome Message on Index
Adds a user's avatar and welcome message on the index page in the who is online section.
Last Visit in Memberlist
Adds a user's last visit details to the memberlist.