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Forum Notification
Allows for forum notification of any forum. Post text and username are included in e-mails.
Statistics Hack
Complete statistics package for your phpBB. This package contains many Statistics Hack modules.
Allows you to not allow people to be "hidden" on your phpBB.
Random Image Wherever You Want
Allows you to display a random image anywhere on your phpBB. It will only be displayed to logged in users.
Post Body Message Box Background
Puts a background image in the message box where users enter their postings.
Go Back to Quoted Message
Puts a little image above the quote box, so users can click it to go back to the message that was quoted.
PHP SlideShow
Creates a slideshow from images in a folder.
Image Tag for Administrators Only
Replaces the [img] BBCode tag with a [pic] tag that is only visible to administrators.
Remove Table Around Images (File Attachment Hack)
Removes the table around images attached using the File Attachment Hack.
IP on Register
Displays the IP that the user registered from on their profile. It will only be visible to the admin.
Integrate Keep Unread Flags With Simple Sub Forums
Allows you to integrate Keep Unread Flags (2.0.3a - 2.0.3c) with Simple Sub Forums (1.0.0 - 1.0.1).
Add ACP Links
Allows you to add links to your administration control panel wherever you would like.
Image for First Paragraph Letter
Replaces the first letter in every paragraph with a letter image.
Dynamic Signature
Allows you to create a dynamic image signature that features your phpBBs statistics. You can use it in your signature on any site that allows images in signatures.
Guests See Part of the Message
Makes it so that only a part of each message is shown to guests.
Line Numbers in Code BBCode
Makes it so that line numbers are displayed when the [code] BBCode is used in a message.
Random Dynamic Signature
Allows you to take data from your phpBB and use it in a dynamic signature on other sites where such things are allowed as a signature.
Website Check Hack
Makes it possible to disallow certain words or phrases that users may put in their website addresses.
Permissions in Forum Management
Creates a "Permissions" link after each forum in the Forum Admin > Management section in your ACP.
Moved Topic Message
Sends an e-mail, PM or both to the topic starter when an administrator or moderator has moved his or her topic to another location on the forums.