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Maximum Signature Lines
Allows you to set a maximum number of rows for a user signature.
Prime Birth Date
Allows you to make the birth date a required field.
Prime BBCode Spoiler
Adds a BBCode called "Spoiler", which obscures text in a box until the user clicks on it.
Prime Anti-Bot
Uses a text-based human validation system in order to verify that a form submitter is human and not a spam robot.
Prime BBCode Note
Adds a BBCode called "Note", which pops-up a box with text when the mouse is moved over the text to note.
Prime Link to Reported Post
Provides a link to the reported post from within the report in the Moderator Control Panel.
Prime Links
Fixes links so that local links are correctly classified as such. It will also apply a target to external links and prepend links.
Prime Login via E-Mail
Lets a user login with either their username or e-mail address.
Prime Memberlist Filter
Adds a form field to the memberlist page to allow filtering of the list by entering a username (or the start of a username).
Prime Multi-Quote
Allows users to quote multiple posts by marking checkboxes located next to each existing quote button.
Prime Notify
Inserts the content of a post or private message into the new message notification e-mail.
Prime Quick Login
Adds a login area to the top of every page. Upon a successful login, the user will be redirected back to the page from which they logged in.
Prime Quick Style
Adds a style dropdown box to the header of every page for quickly switching between styles.
Prime Self Topics
Adds a "View your topics" link next to the "View your posts" link.
Prime Signature Cap
Provides the ability to restrict the number of lines in a signature.
Prime Topic Move
Provides the ability to enter a reason for moving a topic, the ability to display information about the move and the ability to undo the move.
Prime Warnings
Displays the number of warnings a user has received.
Prime View Self
Adds a link allowing users to quickly access their public profile from within the profile section of their User Control Panel.
Prime Trash Bin
Keep deleted topics and posts so they can be reviewed before permanent deletion (or undeletion). Also, allows one to enter a reason for the deletion.
Prime Post Revisions
Stores each revision of a post every time a post is edited, making these revisions viewable to those users who have the necessary permissions.