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Disable Search for Guests
Allows you to disable search for guests. They will be shown a message telling them that they need to login.
Forum Names Under Topic Titles in Search Results
Moves the forum name in search results to under the topic title in italic text.
E-Mail Notify on User Ban
Makes it so that an e-mail is sent out to a member when they are banned.
Change Reply Notification Default
When a member registers, the default setting for reply notification is off. This hack changes that default to on.
Interests in Memberlist
Adds the interests field from member profiles to the memberlist.
Admin Only Link in Footer to Post New Topic in Specific Forum
Allows you to create a link in your footer to post a new topic in a specific forum (such as an announcements forum). This link is seen only by administrators.
phpBB 2.0.22 Arabic Language Pack
Arabic language pack for phpBB 2.0.22.
Alexa Hack
Adds a simple image to your phpBB that is leaked to your Alexa page, where you can view your Alexa Traffic Rank and other information.
Add Forum Jump Box to User Control Panel
Adds the forum jump box to your user control panel. Guests will not be able to see it when they are registering.
Text Link Underline Remover
CSS code that removes the underline beneath all text links on your phpBB.
Live Time
Adds a live time script that displays the date plus time, updated every second on the index page where the "current time" section is.
Mouseover Hover Links Screenshot
A user can see any outside link's screenshot when he/she holds the mouse over the link.
Background Image in Message Box
Puts a background image inside of your message posting text box.
Easy Resize Posted Images
Resizes images within posts. They are then made clickable and users can view the image in full size in a popup window.
Adverts in Private Message
Allows you to display an advertisement right after any private message on your community.
Ads in phpBB
Shows you to to integrate ads into your phpBB.
Live Time
Replaces the current time with a live clock that counts every second.
phpBB 3.0.0 Arabic Language Pack
Officially recognized Arabic language pack for phpBB 3.0.0.
Signature Into Frame
Places your member signatures into a frame, similar to the style seen on some vBulletins.
ImageShack Upload Box
Creates an ImackShack upload box on your new topic and post reply pages.