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DM Simple Admin Message
Allows the administrator to show all users and guests a simple message box in the header. It is ACP configurable (and can be shown only to registered users or to all).
DM Weekly Video
Allows you to show your users a page with an embedded (i.e. YouTube, Google Video, etc.) video on it.
DM Music Charts
Gives you the possibility to offer your users a music chart table.
DM Quotes Collection
A simple tool to collect and display quotes randomly on your website.
DM Simple Admin Message
Admin can show a simple message to the users that can expire and be removed after a certain point.
DM Easy Download System
Adds an easy download system to your forums, where you can offer your users the ability to download files from your web space.
Ultimate Points System
Adds a points system to your forums.
DM Partners
Adds a partner page to your forums, where you can list your partner with a description and a logo.
DM Linkx
Create your own link collection including categories.
DM Portal Ads (Board3 Portal)
Show random ads/banners on your Board3 Portal.
DM Music Charts
Allows you to offer your users a music charts table, which they can build on their own and vote on.
DM Hacker Check
Adds some additional layers of security to failed logins.