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Last Visit Hack
Displays in the "Who is Online" section a list of all of the members who have visited you phpBB within the past 24 hours and when a user last logged on in their profile.
Easy Sub Forums
Allows you to "attach" specific forums to another so that they are not displayed on the main index page but inside another forum.
PM Notification Enhancer
Enhances the way you are notified of any new private messages.
Recommend Forum
Allows members to recommend your forum to a friend.
Occupation in Posts
Adds the member's occuption in their posts above location. If they have not entered anything, the field will not be shown.
Limited Post Edit Time
Allows an administrator to set a time (in minutes) a user has to edit their post. Setting a value of '0' allows unlimited editing.
Scrolling Global Announcement on Index
Adds a scrolling global announcement box on the top of your main index page. Configurable via your ACP.