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Partner Hack
Adds a page for your link exchange partners. Configured through ACP.
Guest Message Hack
Adds a message box on your index page that is viewable only to guests.
Link Us Hack
Adds a link us page to your community. Basically, a page with code that people can copy and paste onto their own sites to link to yours.
Colorize Forum Description
Gives admins the possibility to enter a color separately for each forum description.
User Website Copyright
Allows you to associate a copyright status with the user's website.
Portal Clock (ezPortal)
Adds an ezPortal block that features a Flash clock. 12 clock varieties are included in the package.
sysProfile/ Profiles
Adds a profile link to the member's profile on sysProfile or
Support Info Hack
Creates five additional profile fields for the user's community software, community software version, phpBB version, MySQL version and PHP version. Only mods and admins can view it.