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Redirection Suite
Hacks that send the user where you want them to go after an action, instead of where phpBB wants them to go.
Style Under Username
Lists the style each user uses in viewtopic, and can interface with Karl Tauber's Change Style Hack.
Allow Guest Voting
Allows administrators to enable voting by users that are not logged in.
Avatar Gallery Outside phpBB
Allows Avatar Gallery directory outside of the phpBB root path. Useful if you have multiple phpBB installations or an existing site structure.
Add CSS Effects to Ranks
Add any CSS effect to ranks in view topic and user profiles, including glow and shadow.
Instant Messenger List
Lists users and their Instant Messenger (ICQ, AOL IM, etc.).
Set Real E-Mail Return Path
Set the real return path header in e-mails so that you receive errors like bounced mails.
Add phpMyAdmin Link
Adds a link to phpMyAdmin in the Admin Control Panel.
Stand Out Announcements!
Makes sticky and announcement posts stand out more in viewforum.php.
Turn your phpBB into an feature rich instant messenger service.
Prillian Lite
Turn your phpBB into an instant messenger service. Similar to Prillian, but without some extra features.
Contact List
Adds a buddy list, an ignore list, and a "disallow contact" list, all in one.
Custom FAQs Page Links
Place links to each of your FAQ pages on the top of your FAQ pages. Mainly for people with multiple FAQ pages.
Prillian PSD Files
PSD files of images used in templates of the Prillian hack.
Display Poster Information Once
Cuts out repeated displays of avatars, signatures and other info displayed in every post.
Add Last User Visit Date to User Profiles
Small hack that adds the date and time a user last visited the forums to their profile page.
IP Search
Adds a new admin panel section in which admins can search for members and guest users based on an IP address or host name.
Admin Upload Utility
Upload and manage files via the admin panel.
No Thread Stretch
Makes it so that posts do not make your screen stretch, but stay within the normal view topic width.
Database Layer Documentation
HTML version of the Database Layer tutorial posted in the Support Forums.