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Copy Users
Can be run on a periodic basis to copy the users of one phpBB over to another phpBB.
Hide Zero Posters
Forces users to make one post before they show up in the memberlist, groups, as the newest user and contribute to the member count.
phpBB Back Up
Adds much more convenient backup/restore functionality to phpBB.
Force Word Wrapping
Prevents long sentancesconstructedlikethis from horizontally stretching the page.
Block Open Proxy Registrants
Detects registration attempts made from publically accessable proxies and prevents them.
Fix Session Error
Makes "Error creating new session" errors that much harder to occur.
Secure Login
Although the way phpBB stores passwords may be secure, the way it submits them, when someone is logging in, isn't. This hack looks to remedy this vulnerability.
Fix Caret Bug
Fixes a bug in posting_body.tpl.
Shared Registration
When a user registers for one phpBB, they will simultaneously be registering for other phpBBs, as specified by you.
Deter Comment Spam
Provides a deterence to comment spam.
Save Admin Userlist Sort Order
Allows you to save the sort order of the Admin Userlist.
Highlight Google Keywords
When someone is referred from Google, the terms they searched for are highlighted. This hack requires Apache and mod_rewrite.
Block DNSBL Blacklisted Registrants
Allows you to block the IP addresses listed on the DNS Providers Blacklist from registering on your phpBB.
Birthday hack for phpBB.
Post Breakdown
Makes it so that when a post count is clicked in viewforum.php or index.php, a pop up is launched showing the frequency with which people have posted in that topic or forum.
Named Modules
Converts links like ucp.php?i=163 to ucp.php?i=main.
Activation Justification
Lets people justify their activation to help you decide exactly who should be activated and who shouldn't be.
[code] Enhancements
Preserves tabs in [code] blocks and eliminates the four spaces that precede every line in Firefox.
Guess Time Zone
Auto updates your time zone and daylight savings time settings based on the time provided by your operating system.