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iBF Style IP Viewing on Topic
This will add the poster's IP with a link to the whois query on the view topic page.
Page Generation Time
This adds the debug info in a nice place (above the copyright info).
Smarter Editor
This replaces the original JavaScript in 'posting_body' with a better BBCode-and-smilie-inserting script.
Chat Box
This hack adds a chatbox into your phpBB.
Improved BBCode Control
This hack will allow you to insert BBCode directly at your text-pointer.
Admin Overall Forums Permission
This hack allow Admins to set permissions of all forums with only-one-mouse-click.
Quick Reply Hack
This is a Quick Reply hack for your phpBB 2.
Admin Users List Hack
provides a new way to administer your users: an administrative memberlist - Very powerful and very convenient!
Quick Reply Hack with Quote
A quick reply hack that also allows you to quote the last message on a thread.
Anti Robotic Registration Flood
This hack will prevent robotic registrations on your phpBB 2.
Page Generation Time for Admin Only
This hack will allow admins to see the page generation time, number of excuted queries, GZIP.
Text Based Forum Visit Counter
This hack will add a text based forum visit counter to your phpBB.
Page Loading
This hack will show a loading page (layer) before your actual phpBB page is loaded completedly.
Mouseover Hover Topic Started Date
A user can see the topic's started date when he/she holds the mouse over the topic title/link on viewforum page.
An easy to use portal like system that utilizes your phpBB.
Configurable Smilie Table
Allows admins to configure the number of column/row of smilies table on posting screen.
FrEaK 'n l33t Posting Effect
This hack will add two filter-buttons into your posting screen. They can transform any part of your message into "FrEaK" or "l33t" style
Avatar Select on Register
Makes it so that users can select their avatar when they register for your forum.
Photo Album Add-on
This is a powerful, effective, handy and highly customizable photo album/gallery management system for phpBB 2.
Smart Login Redirect
This hack will redirect the user to the page where clicked log in/out after logging in/out successfully.