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60 Minute Time Online
Changes the default time online definition from 5 minutes, to 60 on the bottom who is online box and the ACP index.
Format Total Variables
Formats the display of total users and posts on your index, total users posts on view profile and total users, posts and topics on your admin index.
User Last Active
Displays the date each member last visted your forums on view profile. The format is configurable through your phpBB date format settings.
Add PHP and MySQL Version to ACP Index
Adds your PHP and MySQL version to your ACP index.
Disable Version Check
Removes the latest phpBB version checker from your admin panel index.
Back to Top
Adds a link to the index page footer that, when clicked, takes the user to the top of the page without reloading.
Require Login
Makes it so that login is required to view faq.php, groupcp.php, index.php, memberlist.php or search.php.
Member For
Displays how many days a user has been registered for on their profile.
Remove Forum Moderators
Removes the display of forum moderators under each forum on the index.
Advanced Users Viewing Forum
Replaces the default "who is online" list on view forum with a sleeker, seperate table. It also adds a legend.
Advanced Index Stats
Adds the date your phpBB was started, posts per day, topics per day and users per day on your index.
Remove URL BBCode
Removes the URL button when posting a message.
Average User Posts
Displays the average posts per user on your index.
Remove Edit Message
Prevents the "last edited by" messages from displaying.