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Categories Hierarchy (Sub Forums)
This hack allows you to have sub forums and sub categories on your phpBB and also gives you the ability to add forum links (links displayed as forums).
View Groups on Profile
Display the groups a user belong to on his profile
Admin Panel Authorization User/Group: Sort Forums on Index
Sort the forums in the admin panel authorization for user and group as they are seen on the index of the board.
Announcement Suite
Displays announcements on index and/or above forums of the same category according to the user's permissions. Permissions based.
Split Topic Type
This hack allows you to have the global announcement, announcement and sticky topic split from the standard topics in viewforum.
Topic Display Order
Allows your users to sort the topics in a forum by author, topic title, topic time, and last reply time (default sort) - ascending or descending.
This hack is designed to allow you to have different templates per forums or categories.
Group Moderators
Allows you to set a "Group Owner" that can now grant/remove the Group Moderator status to other users withing the Group Control Panel.
Ranks Summary
This hack will add a new page to display the all the ranks available at your forums
Profile Control Panel
This hack adds a control panel (with many cool features) for users of your forums.
Simply Merge
This hack allows you to merge two topics in a very simple way. It can be use as an add-on to the board (no heavy modifications to modcp.php).
Post Icons
This hack will add icons in front of the title of topics.
This hack adds fully customizable navigation menu bars to your forums and also menus in remplacement of the phpBB one.
Last Topics a User Has...
This hack will add to each user profile the last topics that that user has Started, Replied to and Ended.
Keep Unread Flags
Keeps your unread topics alive when closing the web browser, letting you to come back later and see them still unread.
Cache phpBB Version in Admin Control Panel
Allows you to make it so that phpBB latest version verification in the admin panel is delayed for a set amount of time or until you request it.
Topic Calendar (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
Calendar that allows you to use topics as events with a dedicated date.
Extended Template (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
Replacement of the phpBB template parser, based on the phpBB Olympus one. It handles cached .tpls and is faster than the regular parser.
Run Stats
Designed to display the run stats (page generation time, SQL requests and related details).
RSS Feed (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
Creates an RSS feed that will produce a feed with the title and URL of the last 15 topics of a particular section of your phpBB. Requires Categories Hierarchy (Sub Forums).