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Admin User Register
Allows administrations to register a new account through the administration control panel.
phpBB Menu Manager
This manager will create a flexible phpBB navigation system. It replaces the standard phpBB menu links.
Topic Title as Web Link
Allows you to make a topic title into a web link. The topic message will be the URL.
Colorize Forum Title
Allows you to colorize a forum title on the forum index. The admin can set a forum title color seperately for each forum.
Download Topic or Post
Allows your users to save a single post or the whole topic in a text file.
Meeting Hack
Allows you to manage meetings for all users or usergroups on your phpBB.
Disable Word Censor for Individual Forums
Allows you to disable word censoring for individual forums.
Hide Post Buttons
Allows you to hide the post and reply buttons if a user lacks the permissions to use them.
Split Polls
Allows you to split polls from the forum view from normal topics as announcements or sticky in their own seperate boxes.
Temporary Membership on Usergroups
This hack allows you to set a timespan for membership in a specific usergroup.
BBCode on Vote Options
Allows you to use BBCode, smilies and HTML in voting options.
Global Topics
Allows you to define normal topics as global topics. These topics will be displayed on each forum but will be sorted like normal topics.
Move Post Instead of Deleting
Moves posts to a specified forum if a user or (if set) moderator wants to "delete" them.
Stop Bumping
Hides the post reply and quote buttons on viewtopic if the user is the last poster in the topic.
Nickpages Add-on: Delete Nickpages
Add-on for the nickpages hack allows you to delete entire nickpages, including any image files.
Colorize User Ranks
Colorizes the rank titles that a user can earn.
Confirmation Topic
This hack blocks the access for defined forums until the user will confirm one special topic.
Delete Multiple Posts
Allows moderators to delete multiple posts from a single topic within the modcp with one click.
Forum Startup Page
Allows users to set a page that they will see after they login to the forum.
Simply Close or Delete a Poll
Allows administrators, the topic author or moderators to delete or close a poll with one click.