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Who Viewed My Profile?
This hack logs all views of a user's profile. Each user can display a list, which tells all of the users that have viewed his or her profile.
Personal Notes
Gives users their own notebook feature on your phpBB 2.
Birthdays on Calendar Hack
This hack displays birthdays on the calendar hack. Requires the Birthday and Calendar hacks to be installed.
Event Lists for Calendar Hack
This hack is an add-on for the Calendar Hack to list the past, future or all events from the calendar on one page (like all events for one day).
Events on ezPortal
Adds a new block to ezPortal, displaying the future events included on the Calendar Hack.
Recent Links on ezPortal
Adds a new block to ezPortal that is a scrolling display of the recent links added to the Links Hack.
Personal Site
Via the admin panel, administrators can create little note pages for each other. A link to the page is sent to the user, but the text of the note page is not.
Filter Usergroups
On large usergroups one user can be hard to find. This hack allows you to filter the usergroup entries based upon certain fields.
Forum Tour
Creates a tour (with demos) to help new users find and use the functions of your phpBBs.
Forum Title as Web Link
Allows you to make a forum title function as a web link. Special images for links and persmission settings are also available.
Limit Smilies on Posts
Allows you to limit the number of smilies that can appear in a post.
Reduce Admin Navigation
Makes the admin control panel menu more managable.
Search in User Profiles
Adds the ability to search inside of user profiles.
Smilies Album
Allows users to upload and manage smilies and other small .gif images on a seperate page.
Smilie Permissions
Allows you to make it so that some smilies are only available to administrators and/or moderators.
Move and Lock Topics in One Step
Allows you to move and lock topics in one step.
User Change Index
Allows you to offer multiple index_body.tpl files to your users.
Absent User
Allows users to denote that they are currently absent. This will disable the receiving of e-mails and private messages through your forums.
Verify Users
Users can be verified by other users when they know them in the real life.
Advanced Countdown
This hack integrates a countdown on your forum and (if installed) on a portal.