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Gender Hack
Adds a Gender field into your users' profile.
Direct User Profile Link
Links the username to the profile on viewtopic.
Birthday Hack
Adds birthdays to your phpBB 2!
Cards Hack
This is a major hack that will give your users/mods/admins (you choose) the right to give other users cards based upon their posts.
Show Usergroups
This hack allows you to show what usergroups that any given member belongs to.
Select Default Language
Allow your users to easily view your board in different languages.
Custom Registration Form
Customize your forum's registration form!
Last Visit Hack
Displays in the "Who is Online" section a list of all of the members who have visited you phpBB within the past 24 hours and when a user last logged on in their profile.
Global Announcement Hack
This hack makes it possible to post Announcements that are visible in all of your forums.
Prune Users
This script will allow you to delete inactive users for your forum.
Search Posts by Time
This hack allows you to search for latest posts down to minutes.
Rank in Memberlist
Shows each user's rank on the memberlist page.
Validate E-Mail
Makes it easier to insure that your users are using valid e-mail addresses.
Custom Mass PM
This hack adds a functionality to make it possible to send PMs out to usergroups.
Protect User Accounts
This hack has been devised to help protect the user accounts on your forums.
Who Viewed A Topic
See who viewed a particular topic.
Custom Mass E-Mail
Drop-in hack and it allows you to make special email templates for specific usergroups, e.g. newsletters.
Complete Banner Hack
Makes it possible to add banners to your phpBB 2 pages, by default banners are placed in top, but you may place the tags inside any template file.
Fully Integrated Shoutbox
This is a fully phpBB 2 integrated shoutbox.
Zodiac (Birthday Hack Add-on)
Requires the Birthday Hack. If a user has a birthday filled in, this hack will display their Zodiac image in their profile and posts.