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Google Thread Title
Allows people to Google the thread title from the view topic page.
Prevent PMs From Being Deleted
Prevents users from deleting private messages (sent, received, outboxed and saved).
Alert Box PM Notification
Alerts members to a new private messages through an alert box.
Show Sticky Posts on All Pages
Makes it so that sticky posts for a given forum will be displayed on all pages of that forum (like Announcements).
JavaScript Disabled PM Notification
Makes it so that if a member has JavaScript disabled and has received a new PM, a table with a red background will be displayed at the top showing the number of new PMs.
Add Current Time on Who is Online Page
Adds the current time to the who is online page.
Block Registrations From GMT -12
Allows you to block registrations from anyone who denotes GMT -12 as their time zone.
Minimum Posts to View Topics
Adds a minimum posts threshold before a user is allowed to view any topics on your community.
Minimum Posts to View Certain Pages
Add a minimum posts threshold before allowing users to view the memberlist, search, group cp, view online, view profile pages, voting, starting a new thread or use the PM system.
Resizable Message Box
Allows you to resize the message box (shorter, taller, narrower, wider and reset it to default).