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UCP My Sessions
Gives administrators and users full control of their sessions.
Alert For Login
This mod will alert you and/or the board founder by PM and/or mail when failed logins (and also successful logins) are made to your account.
Poster IP in Viewtopic
This MOD allows Moderators and Administrators to view the IP of the poster on viewtopic.
Ban Redirect URL
This mod will allow you to redirect banned users or IPs to a custom URL of your choice.
Register IP on memberlist
This mod allows administrators to view and search the IP of users on the memberlist.
User Self Deactivate
Allows a user to disable his or her account from a User Control Panel tab.
MCP Users Notes Permissions
This mod adds a permission to use the user notes section in the Moderator Control Panel.
ACP User Color Management
This MOD allows administrators to manage a user's username color.
Forbidden Passwords
Allows you to disallow some passwords. Includes a default list of up 500 words provided in French and English.
Mass Moderation In Search
This MOD will give you the possibility to have a Mass Moderation tool in the search.
Hide Profile In Viewtopic
This mod allow you to hide user's profile in viewtopic, based on a forum's permissions.
Post as Poster
This mod will allow you to post a reply or new post as another member.
Limit Post as Count Per Forum
This mod will allow you to limit the count of messages and/or topics of an user per forum.
Password generator JS
A generator of passwords, based on jQuery, for registration and account settings.
BBCode Reference
This BBCode is based on Wikipedia's "reference needed" BBCode.