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Buddy List
A nice buddylist for phpBB based on the one from vBulletin.
Template Dependent Rank Images
This hack gives you the ability to use rank images that are blended with the rest of the template.
User Rank in Private Messages
Shows the user rank in a private message..
E-Mail Topic to Friend
Allows you to send a friend of yours a topic off of the forum that you find interesting for him/her. You are able to write a personal message that goes in the e-mail to your friend.
Memberlist Sortable by Letter
Search people in the memberlist that have their name starting with a certain letter.
Disallow/Allow Signatures and Avatars
Allow or disallow signatures and avatars from being shown.
Show Online Buddies on the Index Page
Lists the online buddies in the "Who is online" section on the index page.
Always Show Edited by Messages
With this hack installed, if a user ever edits a post, the "edited by" message is shown.
Post Comments on Users
Allows moderators and admins to post comments on users.
Limit Message Size
Limit the size of a message to prevent people from making huge posts.
Disallow Editing/Deleting of Administrator Posts
Makes it so that moderators cannot edit/delete posts made by administrators.
phpBB easyCMS
Write articles and let users comment on them.
Password Protected Forums
Protect a forum from being viewed without a password. A password will have to be entered if one wants to enter the forum.
Password Protected Topics
Protect a topic from being viewed without a password. A password will have to be entered if one wants to enter the topic.
Real Open Groups
Choose whether you want the group moderator to validate users added to an open group or not.
Translate Your Page
Adds a drop down menu to posts to translate them into different languages.
db_update Generator
Creates a form into which you enter your SQL and a db_update.php file is then created.
Restrict Images in Posts
Restrict the width and height of images in posts and also the number per post.
Restrict Images in Signatures
Restrict the width, the height and the number of images in signatures.
Overall Forums Permissions on One Page
Displays a complete list of forums and their total permissions and allows for configuration from a single page.