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Anti-Spam ACP
Advanced spam blocking tool.
Soft Delete
Changes the current hard delete scheme to all soft deleting for posts and topics.
FAQ Manager
Adds an easy to use FAQ Manager to the ACP.
Enable HTML
Allows authorized users to post full, unrestricted HTML (including JavaScript) in posts/signatures.
Forum Sponsors
Allows you to post per forum advertisements.
Auto Database Backup
Automatically backs up your database using the phpBB cron.
HTML Ranks
Allows you to use HTML code in rank titles.
Advertisement Management
Adds a very flexible and powerful advertisement manager to your phpBB.
From Author PM List
Adds an extra link when viewing a private message in the UCP, allowing you to go to the current folder and list all private messages sent by that user.
User Blog Hack
Adds blogs to your phpBB 3 forum.
Anti-Spam ACP
An extensive anti-spam modification with many features to prevent any kind of spamming.
Forum Anniversary List
Displays a list of users who have been registered for X years on the index.
Smilies Categories
Allows administrators to create categories that smilies will be organized into.
Custom Profile Groups
Allows you to limit access to custom profile fields to certain groups.
Money Tracker
Allows you to run a simple system inspired by Where's George?, a site which allows you to track where a dollar bill has been.
One Click Ban
Adds a script to ban a user with one click. Also, it can automatically move the user to a certain group, delete their posts, delete their avatar, signature and profile information.
Force https ACP
Forces any access to the administration control panel through the https protocol.
Drag 'n Drop Forum List
Allows each viewer of your forum to customize the organization of the forum listing with by dragging and dropping.
Akismet (for phpBB3) filters out your comment spam for you, so you can focus on more important things.