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Smilie Row Corrector
Some templates don't show the smilie rows correctly. This hack corrects the problem.
Extended ICQ Info
Expands the normal ICQ button in view topic, memberlist and profiles and shows more info. Newsfeed for ezPortal
Adds a newsfeed for your ezPortal. You can also change it to use another newsfeed. Newsfeed for ezPortal with the CMX News Hack
Adds a newsfeed in the format of the CMX News Hack on your ezPortal. You can also use it to display another newsfeed, if you so choose.
Sidebar and Search Box on Index
Adds a navigation and search sidebar to your index page. You can easily add your own boxes and/or links as well.
CrackerTracker Professional G5
A complete security system for your phpBB.
Advanced ACP
Replaces the standard ACP view with a new, modern layout and adds some new functions.
Support Ticket Assistant
Adds an assistant to your phpBB support forum that asks users important questions that supporters need to know in order to help them.
URL Censor Hack
You can now filter URLs and words too from URLs in posts, profiles, private messages and the memberlist.
Admin Style Watcher
Adds a new section to your administration control panel that allows you to see which users are using which styles/templates.
Address and Skype Name in Profile
Adds fields for addresses and skype names in your profiles.
Gender and Age in View Online Box
This hack will display information from both the Gender Hack and the Birthday Hack in your who is online box on your index page.
phpBB InfoBar
Adds an Internet Explorer 6 SP2 like info bar at the top of your forum if a guest visits your page. There the guest finds a Link to the registration page.
JavaScript Error Blocker
Blocks the the famous JavaScript debug error Windows that are known to happen on Lycos free web hosting.
RPG Tools
For forum based role playing games (RPGs). Battle mode and weather generation possible.
Allows phpBBs to share profile information upon registration.
Spammer Sabotaging
Makes it so that users with less than 5 posts have the rel="nofollow" added to all links they post in in their posts and profile.