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Spring Flowers
A colorful style, featuring a floral motif. The predominant color of the style is green.
Very colorful style, reminding us of the happy days of Summer. Colors include yellow, orange, blue, tan and green.
Winter's Day
A prosilver based style, it's primary colors are blue, light gray and white.
Prosilver based style. It's primary colors are blue and gray, with an orange patterned background.
Autumn's Color
prosilver-based style. It's colors are orange, brown, green, red, yellow and white.
Quilting 'n' Sewing
Style for all the quilters, seamstresses and everyone out there with a sewing machine, whether hobbyist or professional.
Fixed width prosilver based style. The colors range from deep purple to light pink. It's easy to install and was built to be easy to modify.