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Replaces the original profile section with a system that resembles a control panel.
Online/Offline Indicator
Displays a user's online/offline status in view topic, in the memberlist and in the user's profile.
Google PageRank Display in Footer
Displays the Google PageRank of the current page you are on in the footer of your phpBB.
Add Pagination to the Download Hack
Adds pagination to the categories in the Download Hack.
User's Last Picture in Profile (Photo Album Add-on)
Adds the last picture that a user has added to your Photo Album Add-on to their profile.
Guest Select Language Block (IM Portal)
Adds a dropdown menu to your IM Portal that allows your users to change the default language. Block (IM Portal)
IM Portal block allows you to display product images (linked to the product with your affiliate code) from
User Avatar in Group CP
Makes it so that user avatars are displayed in the group cp.
Switch Off Navigation by URL
Allows you to turn off your phpBB navigation based on the page that you are on.
Creates an encyclopedia/basic dictionary on your phpBB.
Nickpages Add-on: Delete Nickpages
Add-on for the nickpages hack allows you to delete entire nickpages, including any image files.
Album Stats (IM Portal)
IM Portal block displays statistics from your Photo Album Add-on or Full Album Pack.
Album Stats (ezPortal)
ezPortal block displays statistics from your Photo Album Add-on or Full Album Pack.
Recent Topics (IM Portal)
IM Portal block displays a list of the most recently active topics on your community.
Second Profile Page (easyUCP Add-on)
Adds a second page to your easyUCP profiles.
Advanced Visual Confirmation
Replaces the standard phpBB visual confirmation system with a new system that generates more varied letter combinations including colored backgrounds with varying color schemes.
Userpic in Profile
Allows users to upload a picture which will be shown beside the avatar in the user's profile.
Cache Posts System
Allows you to cache postings in order to discharge the PHP interpreter.
Last Pic On Personal Index (Photo Album Add-on)
Add-on allows you to display the last uploaded picture from each personal album on the personal album index.
Disallow Special Characters in Subject
Disallows the usage of punctuation marks and special characters in post subjects.