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Modify Profile
Just a simple way to add a new field or an option to profile.
BBCode Center
This hack adds a new BBCode: [center]text[/center].
Edit User Posts via Admin Panel
If you want to edit the count of the user_posts, use this hack.
Custom User Rank
Allow your users to select their own user title after a specified number of posts.
Staff Site
An extra page, where all moderators and administrators will be displayed.
Account Activation Overview
Displays all users which expect an account activation and users who are already active. Allows you to de/activate them (notification e-mail will be sent).
BBCode Line-Through
A new BBcode, so can use the style sheet "text-decoration: line-through" with the bbcode buttons.
Who is Active in Which Forum? (Index)
You can see which user is in which forum active on the index page.
Recent Topics
This script displays the most recent topics on any page you want it to with additional info.
Forum Image
You can set a linked image with some text in your adminpanel, which will be displayed on viewforum (and viewtopic, which is optional).
Add a New Field to Posting
Just a simple way to add a new field to posting.
Recent Topics (Extended)
Shows recent topics on an extra site (last 24 hour, last week, yesterday, last x days, today).
Enhanced Polls (Hide Poll Results)
This hack hides the poll results until the poll is closed/expired and adds the ending time to any vote.
Add a Status to Topic
This hack allows you to add a status to a topic (example: "up", "down", "active" or whatever).
Preformatted BBCode
Allows you to enter preformatted text.
Enhanced ModPanel
The Enhanced ModPanel allows you to manage all sorts of topics in a more efficient way.