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Thank you for your interest in the Developers Webring.

In order to be accepted and maintain your membership, you must adhere to the following guidelines. Please read them thoroughly.

1. You must have created a download that is currently in the database.

2. The site you submit must be related to your phpBB downloads. A showcase of them or support for them. It is not to be your personal website. If you have a personal website that has a phpBB section, submit the phpBB section's URL.

3. The site that you submit must be free of profanity, the discussion of illegal activities or anything else that could be deemed inappropriate for this community.

4. The site must have an English section. It cannot be completely for non English speakers.

5. You must display the webring code, at the very least, on the URL that you submit into the webring. Not a links page or some sort of side page.

We will be checking in periodically to make sure that these guidelines are followed. If any of them are found to be broken, your site details will be edited or your site will be removed from the ring, without notice.

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