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As announced back in April of 2008, the phpBB Group ceased the release of security patches for phpBB 2 as of February 1, 2009. This means that, should a security issue arise with the script, an official patch will not be released. This represents a serious consequence for those running the software, especially if you are not an experienced programmer.

Because there is still interest in the script and a base of people using it, as a service to the community, we are proud to remain open to phpBB 2 submissions in our database and phpBB 2 related discussions in our support forums - at this time. Our database is the largest source of phpBB 2 hacks, phpBB 2 templates and related graphics and downloads, granted with author permission, on the internet. We hope that we'll be able to assist you in whatever you are looking for.

That said, we do recommend upgrading to phpBB 3, as it is currently maintained. What you run on your website, and what problems may arise because of what you run, is your responsibility. Because of this, running the most up to date version is virtually always preferable.

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