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Dear phpBB User,

Thank you for visiting phpBBHacks.com.

This site was launched in early April of 2001. We were the first phpBB hacks database and we currently offer the largest database of phpBB related downloads, granted with author permission, online. phpBBHacks.com is also home to a wealth of related tools, tutorials, fun and helpful features and more.

We hold authors in a high respect. Although the GPL does not require us to ask for permission to host many downloads, we value the relationships that we have with authors, so we require it before a download can be listed in our database. In the case of authors taking over existing or abandoned hacks, we require that adequate efforts be made to contact the previous author to get his or her blessing and even assist in this process.

We hold our visitors in a high respect, as well. One of the founding principles of the site was friendly, respectful support. There will be a lot of people we can't help, but we'll do our best and we'll treat you with respect. So, if you require any assistance with phpBB, please visit our support forums.

Our community is generally family friendly. We want it to be viewable from work and from the home and we require that everyone who visits the site, authors and visitors alike, treat each other with respect.

Quality is very important to me. If you ever experience any problems with this website or have a question, comment, suggestion or a bit of feedback, please feel free to contact me at thoul@phpbbhacks.com.

I hope that phpBB and phpBBHacks.com exceed your expectations.


Jeremy Rogers