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Topic Bump
Bump topics to the top of your forums.
Topic Review Hack
Review the topic that you are replying to.
Topic Review Inline Frame
View the topic that you are replying to.
Updated Who's Online Hack
Another Who's Online hack, fixed for problems including slowness.
User Defined Title
Allow your users to select their own user title.
User Online in viewtopic.php
See if a user is online from viewtopic.php.
User Post - Admin/Mod Only Reply
Add another great permission for your forum administration. Effects assigned forums. Users can post, only Mods/Admins can reply.
Vulnerability Fix for [img] Tags
Fixes the vulnerability of the [img] tags.
Who wrote today
This hack adds feature to see who posted today and in which topics.
Who's Online
Know how many users are on your forum.
Who's Online
See Who's Online at your forum.