phpBB 1 Archive

Download phpBB 1 Related Files
DB Backup
Backup and restore your mySQL database.
Delete All of your Private Messages
Delete all of your private messages simultaneously.
Different Images on index.php and viewforum.php
Have different icons on index.php and viewforum.php.
Direct link to last reply(s) on viewforum.php
This hack will add a direct link to the last reply(s) on viewforum.php.
Direct Link to Post in Topic
Make a direct link to the post from the topic.

Drop Down Thread Pages
Improve the display of pages on long threads.
E-Mail a Thread Modification
Allow people at your forum to easily send the thread link to a friend.
E-Mail New Topic
You can have each new topic e-mailed to a predetermined number of users for security reasons.
Enhanced PM System
A way to provide your users with a better PM system!
Enhanced Who's Online
Show Who's Online at your forum on index.php.
Extended Disallow of Username
Prevent users from registering certain usernames.
Extra Permissions Option
Adds extra permissions options to specific forums.
Fading News Hack
A fading news hack where the data is stored in a separate file from index.php.
File Upload
Allow your users to upload files for display on your phpBB.
Flash Footer Hack
Allow your users to add flash to their signatures.
Frontpage Login
Allow your users to be able to log in from anywhere.
Global Background Image
Just a simple hack that will allow you to set a background image in your themes.
Global Signatures
Make user signatures global.
Glow Hack for Usernames
Have glowing text on your forum!
GoToTop Hack
Adds a "Top" icon at the bottom of each message, which sends you to the top of the message.