phpBB 1 Archive

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Admin User Interface
Changes the look of your administration panel.
Arabic phpBB 1.4
Fully Arabized interface of phpBB 1.4.
Audio PM Notification
Hear a sound when you get a new PM.
Auto Log In
Keeps users logged in.
Auto notify by email and PM the author of a moved topic
When a moderator moves a topic, have an email and PM sent out to the use who started the topic.
AutoSmilie Hack
Adds clickable smilies when people are posting.
Avatar Plug-In 2
Have avatars on your forum.
Better New Post Tracking
A way for your users to know what posts have been made since their last visit.
Birthdays Hack
This hack allows phpBB 1.4.x to track user's birthdays and congratulate them on the main page of the forum.
Blind Edit
Edit a post without the "edited by" text as long as no one as replied to the post.
Block PMs
Allows users to decide whether or not to receive non-reply PMs.
Bookmark Forum
Allow people to bookmark your forums with ease.
Categories Before Topic Title
Add categories for each topic.
Category Display
Show only categories on index.php.
Cell Styles
Adds a cool mouseover effect to pages on your phpBB.

Clean Memberlist
Clean your memberlist of inactive users.
Complete News Display Hack
An in depth news hack for phpBB.
COPPA Agreement Hack
Add a registration agreement to your forum.
Coujo's Avatar Hack (for 1.2.x)
Allow your users to have avatars on your forum.
Coujo's Avatar Hack (for 1.4.x)
Coujo's Avatar hack, modified to work in 1.4.x.