Non English phpBB 2 Forum Buttons

If you run a non English community and are looking for some forum buttons, this is a good place to start.

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

hardware Template Button Set (Italian)
Set of Italian buttons for the hardware Template.
hardware Template Button Set (Portuguese)
Set of Portuguese buttons for the hardware Template.
Romanian Buttons for iCGStation Template
Romanian set of buttons for the iCGStation Template.
Romanian Images for mxReloaded Template
Includes Romanian images for the mxReloaded template.
skyLineBlue Template Forum Buttons (French)
Set of French forum buttons for the skyLineBlue Template.
Slovakian Images for FI subGreen Template
Set of Slovakian images for the FI subGreen Template.
Smartor Album Mod addon
Smartor Photo Album Addon mod: email notification on comments
Solaris Template Button Set (Spanish)
Spanish language pack for the Solaris Template.
Space Pilot 3K Template Forum Buttons (French)
French forum button pack for the Space Pilot 3K Template.
subBlack Template Forum Buttons (French)
French button set for the subBlack Template.
subSilver Forum Buttons (Turkish)
Set of Turkish subSilver forum buttons.
subSilver Template Buttons (Slovak)
Set of subSilver Template buttons in Slovakian.
zoneSilver Button Set (Traditional Chinese)
Set of Traditional Chinese buttons for the zoneSilver Template.