Newest phpBB 2 Hacks

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Name and Description Versions SupportedDated Added
WhoVotedWhat Poll Hack
Displays a list of users who voted for a particular option as a select box next to each poll option when viewing results.
2.0.23December 11, 2008
SFS Anti-Spam Registration Hack
Adds an IP, e-mail address and username check when registering using the API blacklist and prevents registration upon finding a match.
2.0.23December 11, 2008
Assign Posts From One User to Another
Allows the administrator to assign posts from one user to another.
2.0.23November 19, 2008
Ignore All Signatures
Allows a user to ignore all other users signatures including his own.
2.0.22 - 2.0.23November 8, 2008
Hashcash Registration Protection
Stops spam bots from registering (and hence posting spam if only registered users are allowed to post), through Hashcash anti-spam protection.
2.0.23August 18, 2008
Align Images (Left/Right)
Align your images to the left or right and let your text wrap around them! Drop down list on the posting page makes for easy access.
2.0.4 - 2.0.23August 3, 2008
phpBB 2.x Shoutbox
Simple PHP and AJAX shoutbox script that is fully integrated with the phpBB system.
2.0.0 - 2.0.23June 19, 2008
Shoutbox on Index Switch
Allows you to show/hide the Fully Integrated Shoutbox on the index page.
2.0.23April 19, 2008
Integrate Color Groups and Easy Sub Forums
Integrates Color Groups and Easy Sub Forums to adjust the username color in the last post of the sub forums.
2.0.23March 23, 2008
Integrate Color Groups and Announcement Suite
Integrates the Color Groups username defined colors within the global announcements table of the Announcement Suite.
2.0.23March 17, 2008
GSC Messenger Hack
Add a GSC messenger profile field, showing in posts and profiles just like other messengers.
2.0.15 - 2.0.23February 28, 2008
phpBB 2.0.23 Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack
Official Brazilian Portuguese language pack for phpBB 2.0.23.
2.0.23February 27, 2008
bbAntiSpam Textual Confirmation on Profile Control Panel
Adds bbAntiSpam Textual Confirmation to the Profile Control Panel. Both hacks must be installed.
2.0.22February 23, 2008
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Hack
Allow users to link to their Enemy Territory: Quake Wars player stats under posts and in their profiles.
2.0.15 - 2.0.23February 20, 2008
User Warnings
Creates a new profile field called "warnings". It's a number based field editable in the ACP. It displays in member profiles and on view topic.
2.0.23February 7, 2008
Unapproved Photo Album Add-on Pics
Displays a list of unapproved Photo Album Add-on pictures per category in the ACP.
2.0.22January 31, 2008
deviantART Profile Hack
Adds a new field to user profiles where users can enter their deviantART profile.
2.0.15 - 2.0.23January 19, 2008
DM Music Charts
Gives you the possibility to offer your users a music chart table.
2.0.23January 6, 2008
DM Weekly Video
Allows you to show your users a page with an embedded (i.e. YouTube, Google Video, etc.) video on it.
2.0.22January 6, 2008
Display Newest Members First
Changes the default sort order of memberlist.php to joined date/descending so that your newest members are displayed first.
2.0.22January 5, 2008