Newest phpBB 2 Hacks

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Name and Description Versions SupportedDated Added
Fixes for phpBB 2
Fixes for phpBB2 to allow PHP 5.4+ compatibility, IPv6 compatibility and some invisible errors fixed.
2.0.23June 10, 2013
Count Search Words
Backports a phpBB 3 feature that optimizes the phpBB search indexing to increase performance during posting.
2.0.23September 10, 2012
Word Cleaner
Identify and remove overly common words that slow down phpBB 2's internal search engine.
2.0.23May 13, 2012
Post Cleaner
Mass replace posts with text defined by the administrator.
2.0.22 - 2.0.23April 10, 2012
Czech Language Pack (UTF-8)
Czech language pack for phpBB 2.0.23, using UTF-8 character encoding.
2.0.23February 5, 2012
Czech Language Pack (Windows-1250)
Czech language pack for phpBB 2.0.23, using Windows-1250 character encoding.
2.0.23February 5, 2012
Image Resizer vBulletin Style
Resizes large images within posts so that they don't break your layout.
2.0.23July 14, 2010
TinyPic Plugin
Adds a TinyPic upload button to the posting editor.
2.0.23July 11, 2010
Group Members by Character
Adds a line of characters on top of the memberlist when viewing the group members.
2.0.23February 20, 2010
View Banlist Content
Shows the content from the banlist table and includes a delete link after each row, allowing you to remove bans that are currently in place.
2.0.23February 18, 2010
Wiki URL Fix
Fixes URLs like which are normally broken by phpBB.
2.0.23May 22, 2009
A Quiz
Forum game, in which a user periodically receives a questions and they need to choose the right answer from four variants.
2.0.18 - 2.0.23May 13, 2009
Random or Recent Photo (Photo Album Add-on)
Allows you to display a random or recent photo from the Photo Album Add-on on your forum main page (chosen from a specific category only, if you wish).
2.0.23April 10, 2009
Link Topic Count to User's Topics
Makes the Topics a User Has Started topic count in the view topic and the memberlist link to all the topics that the member has created.
2.0.23March 31, 2009
Forum Background
Allows you to add a background image to your forums. This will appear around the entire page, between the forums, messages and all tables.
2.0.23March 30, 2009
Clock to Replace View Online Icon
Allows you to replace whosonline.gif with a very simple analog clock.
2.0.23March 26, 2009
Capitalize Realname
Converts the first letter of each word in the real name field of the Realname hack to capital letters upon registration when the user clicks out of text box.
2.0.22March 23, 2009
Visual Confirmation on New Posters on Super Quick Reply
Add-on for Super Quick Reply, which incorporate Visual Confirmation on New Posters to the quick reply posting form.
2.0.23February 9, 2009
Light Up Forum!
Makes cells colors change when mouse over, so it looks like the forum is lighting up.
2.0.23February 1, 2009
A Totalizator (Betting with Points)
Full point betting system. You can create events and allow members to bet on them with forum based points. It requires a point system hack and works with the user_points table.
2.0.18 - 2.0.23January 3, 2009