Site News Celebrates One Year Online!


Today marks one year of! It has been an overall positive year and I thank those that have made it one. I have made a post talking about this past year, please take a look. View the Announcement.

phpBB 2.0 Released


The long awaited release of phpBB 2.0 has finally happened! We have 2.0 available for download today! View the Announcement.

Templates/Graphics for Version 2 Taken Down Temporarily


We have taken down our Templates/Graphics for Version 2 temporarily in anticipation of the phpBB 2.0 release. We will be making sure that they work perfectly and making demos available so that you can see what they look like before you use them. View the Announcement.

April Fools!


We aren't even going pay! View the Announcement.

Congratulations to!

2002-04-02 has been selected as our Featured phpBB for the month of April, 2002. View the Announcement. Goes Paid [:)]


Because of rising costs and our bandwidth being out of control, we are being forced to charge a small fee for each download. View the Announcement. [Edit: APRIL FOOLS! I don't see us EVER going pay!]

Upgrade of Template System when 2.0 comes out!


When 2.0 comes out, we will be upgrading the way that we list templates on this site! View the Announcement.

Congratulations to!


They have been selected to be our featured phpBB! View the announcement.

Demo Links Wanted!


Have you installed hacks from Would you like to be a demo link
and receive the traffic that goes along with it? Read the Announcement. Hosting


We have worked with a great host to provide the phpBB community with affordable quality hosting loaded with features! So, if you are in the market, please check out today. :)

Thank you Jared!


Jared Smith, one of the orginal Supporters and Support Team Members has resigned from the site.

Database All .zips!


Some of you have been having trouble with the code actually loading in .txt's. Today I spent over an hour changing this. Zipping up all files, uploading all zips, and changing all download links. Every download we have here is now a .zip and that is how it will be from now on, that way, downloads will be more accurate and absolutely reliable.

New Site Launched!


The new has launched! A big thank you to Tom Rutter, who with me, has put in a ton of work to get this ready in such a short time. will continue to be the #1 source for hacks online!

Congratulations to MostlyAmphigory Forums!


Congratulations to MostlyAmphigory Forums for being chosen to become the featured phpBB for February of 2002.

You can find the site here.