Last Updated phpBB 2 Hacks

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Name and Description Versions SupportedDated Updated
IP Logger
It logs some valuable information about people making posts on your forums.
2.0.0April 9, 2002
Number Format Total Posts
Formats the total posts on your board with grouped thousands.
2.0.0April 6, 2002
View Random Topic
With this hack, you can click a link and it will send you to a random topic.
2.0.0April 6, 2002
phpBB HTTP Error Messages
Makes error messages on your forum fit into the theme.
2.0.0April 6, 2002
PHP Syntax Highlighter BBCode
Highlight PHP Code in posts/threads.
2.0.0April 6, 2002
phpBB Favicon
This will make the phpBB Tent logo appear in the address bar.
2.x.xMarch 14, 2002