Last Updated phpBB 2 Hacks

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Name and Description Versions SupportedDated Updated
Fixes for phpBB 2
Fixes for phpBB2 to allow PHP 5.4+ compatibility, IPv6 compatibility and some invisible errors fixed.
2.0.23July 21, 2013
Mobile Online phpBB 2 (FlexPlat Integration)
Helps convert your phpBB 2 into a mobile friendly one, making it work better with iPhones, Android phones, etc.
2.0.0 - 2.0.23October 21, 2012
Count Search Words
Backports a phpBB 3 feature that optimizes the phpBB search indexing to increase performance during posting.
2.0.23September 10, 2012
Word Cleaner
Identify and remove overly common words that slow down phpBB 2's internal search engine.
2.0.23September 10, 2012
Post Cleaner
Mass replace posts with text defined by the administrator.
2.0.22 - 2.0.23May 13, 2012
Czech Language Pack (UTF-8)
Czech language pack for phpBB 2.0.23, using UTF-8 character encoding.
2.0.23March 25, 2012
Czech Language Pack (Windows-1250)
Czech language pack for phpBB 2.0.23, using Windows-1250 character encoding.
2.0.23March 25, 2012
Easy Events
Adds a page that allows you to promote events easily on your forums. It features a full ACP backend where admins can enter events.
2.0.18 - 2.0.21November 14, 2011
Easy Resize Posted Images
Resizes images within posts. They are then made clickable and users can view the image in full size in a popup window.
2.0.22October 19, 2011
Censor ASCIIize
Allows an administrator to censort words in ASCII mode.
2.0.0 - 2.0.6September 12, 2011
Inactive Users
Allows you to check how many users who have never been activated and it makes you choose whether to contact them or to delete them.
2.0.10 - 2.0.13June 30, 2011
Wiki URL Fix
Fixes URLs like which are normally broken by phpBB.
2.0.23November 19, 2010
Advanced BBCode Box
Makes the BBCode buttons look just like Microsoft Office 2003. It also improves and adds functions to phpBB's BBCode.
2.0.19 - 2.0.22November 10, 2010
Guest Message Hack
Adds a message box on your index page that is viewable only to guests.
2.0.22September 13, 2010
Image Resizer vBulletin Style
Resizes large images within posts so that they don't break your layout.
2.0.23August 1, 2010
TinyPic Plugin
Adds a TinyPic upload button to the posting editor.
2.0.23August 1, 2010
Extended Template (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
Replacement of the phpBB template parser, based on the phpBB Olympus one. It handles cached .tpls and is faster than the regular parser.
2.0.17July 20, 2010
Topic Calendar (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
Calendar that allows you to use topics as events with a dedicated date.
2.0.17July 20, 2010
Post Icons
This hack will add icons in front of the title of topics.
2.0.4 - 2.0.6July 20, 2010
Split Topic Type
This hack allows you to have the global announcement, announcement and sticky topic split from the standard topics in viewforum.
2.0.4 - 2.0.6July 20, 2010