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Postby Patrick » December 5th 2002, 8:52 pm

Thank you for your interest in submiting a tutorial to the Tutorials section. This document will serve to lay down some basic guidelines as far as tutorial submissions are concerned. Please read it in its entirety before making your submission.

Tutorial Guidelines

This is, so you must submit a phpBB tutorial.

You should write in American English. So color, instead of colour, etc. Speaking of spelling, grammar, etc. - it's important. Spell check your entry before submission. Use proper capitilization and punctuation.

The text part of your tutorial must be actual text and not a graphic with text in it.

Remember, it's phpBB, not PHPBB or phpbb. Please refer to specific versions as phpBB 3 or phpBB 3.0.3, rather than phpBB3 or phpBB3.0.3. File names should start with a lower case character in reflection of the actual file name. Here at, for phpBB 2, we use the term template and for phpBB 3, we use the term style.

We prefer usage of the word hack, for consistency, but if you are inclined to say mod or MOD, that is fine. We may add the word hack in places just to ensure the tutorial is as easy to find and understand as can be (for people searching for hack, for example).

Please feel free to use the bold and italic text formatting options. Using other BBCode may be permitted, but we try to keep formatting consistent from tutorial to tutorial.

Break your tutorial into meaningful paragraphs and sections (no indentation). No large blocks of text. No double spaces.

You may use images in the tutorials, assuming you have the right to use those images. They must be compressed and optimized for web viewing so as to allow for quick loading time and minimal bandwidth consumption. .gif and .jpg formats only. You you may use some sort of image hosting service (either your own or a free one) and link to it from within the tutorial. I will then download these images, upload them to our server and adjust the tutorial once it has been posted. If that is not possible, just place the image title in plain text as a placeholder for the corresponding image. After you submit your article, e-mail the images that are included in it to, so that I can upload the images to our server and place them in your article.

The same goes for any .txt or .zip files, but please be judicious in their usage. We will upload them to our server and update the links. Any outside links included in tutorials are heavily scruitinized so as to not violate our User Guidelines as advertising. If it is at all possible to link to instead of another website, please do so.

You must be the author of or have rights to the content that you submit. Do not submit tutorials that you have not authored or do not have a right to. If it has been previously published elsewhere, it is recommended that you make a note of this for us in the tutorial submission (we'll edit it out later).

Your signature counts as a byline. Please do not add a separate byline of any kind in the article itself.

There is no word count minimum for tutorials. Write until you have a complete, useful tutorial.

Please keep in mind that your article must comply with our User Guidelines. So, it must be family friendly, free of vulgarities, etc. No links to tutorials at other sites.

Copyright Information

By submitting your tutorial to, as with any post, you grant us perpetual electronic publishing rights - permission to reproduce the tutorial electronically in any way, shape or form. You may not request that it be taken down at a later date.

You may republish your own tutorial. It is recommended that you let us know if you decide to publish a tutorial elsewhere, so that we know it is OK.


There is no payment for your submission in the form of monetary compensation. This is a voluntary submission. Some benefits may include the experience and exposure (your signature will be attached to your article).


To submit a tutorial, go to

In the "Subject" field, type the title of your tutorial and in the main content area you may enter the actual text of your tutorial. Please do not place "[Tutorial]" in the subject line of your topic.

After you are all set, press the Submit button. Your tutorial will not show up right away and may not show up for an extended period of time. If approved, it will be subject to editing. We reserve the right to edit or reject any tutorial without reason or notice.

After you submit your tutorial, you will see a "the topic you requested does not exist" message. Do not worry about this, take it as a confirmation that your tutorial was submitted.

Once again, thank you for your interest in contributing to
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