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phpBB Review Guidelines

Does your site run phpBB? Do you want to show it to others? Would you like to receive some suggestions for improvement? Post it here. Please be sure to check out the guidelines before posting.

phpBB Review Guidelines

Postby Patrick » September 19th 2003, 11:41 pm

The phpBB Review forum allows members of our community to share their phpBB with others and receive feedback. When participating, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

Sharing Your phpBB

Thank you for sharing your community with ours. The intention of this forum is not to serve as a means of advertising for your community or to send traffic to it. Yes, those may be side benefits of participating, but the main purpose of your threads should be to get feedback on your site so that you can improve it.

This can probably go without saying, but your community must be running phpBB in order for you to share it here. Posts asking for reviews of communities that run any other community software are not allowed and threads that were started for a community that ran phpBB at the time, but now no longer does, may be closed.

Your phpBB must feature some sort of "Powered by phpBB" statement. At the very least, a mention of phpBB on all phpBB powered pages with "phpBB" linked to

Though your phpBB certainly may have private sections and/or forums, it cannot require people to login simply for people to view a properly styled index page.

When posting, please be sure to include your URL in a prominent place. If possible, link directly to your phpBB, rather than a random homepage. If you have specific things you want people to look at or specific things that you want feedback on, please mention them.

In general, each phpBB is allowed 1 thread. However, multiple threads may be permitted, if a long period of inactivity has passed since the most recently active thread and/or the site has seen substantial changes, such as a new version.

You are allowed to bump your thread, without providing any new information, just one time. It must come once the thread has been inactive for at least 48 hours. Beyond that, bumping can only occur for noteworthy changes.

It is recommended that you spend time customizing your phpBB before you post it here. Change the look of your site, install hacks that your userbase will appreciate, integrate them in an aesthetically pleasing way and customize it to your liking.

If you have just installed phpBB, you have the default style in place and haven't made any meaningful changes, members will not have much to provide feedback on.

Please note that you may receive some criticism. After all, one of the primary reasons of posting in this forum is to receive feedback and ideas for things that you can change.

You can choose to ignore this feedback or accept it, but you must always deal with it respectfully. Reviews are posted to help you improve aspects of your site. If you feel that anyone has treated you disrespectfully, please report it through our contact us page and it will be handled appropriately. Please do not respond to them yourself, thereby aggravating the situation further.

Like any thread, your thread is subject to our User Guidelines. So, for example, phpBBs that are featured in the phpBB Review forum must not cover anything inappropriate for this community.

Reviewing phpBBs

Thank you for providing feedback to other members of this community. When doing so, please be sure to carefully read the first post in the thread, the one by the person requesting a review. If he or she is looking for feedback on specific aspects of the site, please try to fulfill these requests.

Most users would prefer to hear comments about specific areas or parts of the site or design, rather than general observations. Likewise, a review request is not an invitation to criticize the subject matter of the posted community or the size of it. Please focus on the integration of phpBB itself.

Honesty is great, but please be sure to be respectful when you are offering feedback. Please be careful not to make suggestions personal or attack the taste of anyone in general. Stick to the content and design of the website.

Please include additional information that can help members to fix problems or issues on their community. For example, your operating system, browser, screen resolution, etc.

Like any contributions on our community, your posts in this forum must abide by our User Guidelines.

With all of this said, jump in! :) Thank you for visiting
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