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MX Portal install help!!!

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MX Portal install help!!!

Postby Jay Electronica » May 20th 2004, 10:18 am

this is what i keep getting on the installation page what am i doing wrong?
Portal Configuration
Phpbb relative path, eg /phpbb2/ or /forum/
Phpbb relative path: /phpBB2/
Incorrect phpBB path (does not contain viewforum.php)

Note the slashes '/', they are important
Full Portal URL, eg
Full Portal URL:
Valid MX path

Full PHPBB URL, eg
No valid phpBB path

what am i doing please. i am a newbie, so could you please explain it to me the way you would a jackass. lol
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Jay Electronica
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Postby Haplo » May 26th 2004, 1:10 am

what about visiting our site, where support is given and latest version is located... ;)


use relative path ../phpBB2/
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