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Moving Around Hacks

Moving Around Hacks

Postby Truestar » August 9th 2008, 9:42 pm

phpBB 3.0 is revolutionary in terms of the modifications you can make, including hacks. After installing a hack, you may wonder, "How do I get to it?" That is actually up to you.

A freshly installed hack, dependent on what the hack does may have already integrated itself into your ACP, or is sitting under the .MODS tab. In order to use the hack, you can go to ACP and then, under System > Module Management > Administration Control Panel > .MODS, you'll find your list of hacks. Here you have to move the one you want to the top of the list in order for it to show up under the .MODS tab. But, in the event you haven't thoroughly explored your phpBB 3.0 installation, there is a much easier way.

After you have gone to your list of hacks in the ACP through System < Module Management > Administration Control Panel > .MODS, click .MODS at the bottom of the list. Now you see all of your hacks here in a list. Click on one, and look for "Edit" in your new page. You should see somewhere "Parent", with a drop down box that should, by default, have ".MODS" inside. Click on this, and notice the similarity between this list and your administration control panel.

Say you install "Announcement Suite" (imaginary hack, no intention of similiarity to existing hack), and the hack gives you the option to add an announcement to the top of your forum without actually adjusting the template file for changes in the announcement. This hack could probably best be placed at the "General" tab in your ACP, under "Board Configuration". Remember our drop down box while under the .MODS tab? Scroll down that drop down box until you see:

---------Board Configuration

Click on it and hit submit. If done correctly, you should now see the "Announcement Suite" under the "General" tab in your ACP, under the "Board Configuration" section. Now you can simply click that link for easy access to the hack.

You can do this will any hack that gives itself a separate page within the ACP. It's quicker, and more efficient for you as the administrator.

Thanks for reading, and now go crazy adding any hacks you want without the worry of taking 15 minutes in being able to access it. :)
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