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Important Links and Tools for Style and Graphic Authors

Receive help with the installation and customization of the appearance of your phpBB 3, including styles and graphics. This is also where style and graphic authors can develop new styles and graphics (please read the guidelines first) and discuss development in general.
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Important Links and Tools for Style and Graphic Authors

Postby Patrick » January 11th 2011, 8:04 pm


Thank you for visiting and contributing to

Authors are a big and great part of our community. So, I wanted to take a moment to share a few links with you that you may be interested in, as a style and/or graphic author. Please check them out below.

phpBB 3 Style Development Guidelines: One of the focal points for the phpBB 3 Style and Design Support and Development forum is to assist authors in the development of their phpBB 3 styles and graphics. Before jumping in, please be sure to read the phpBB 3 Style Development Guidelines to see how the whole system works.

Submit Your Style or Graphic to Our Database: Once your style or graphic is ready for an official, stable release, please submit it to our database, so that it can be added in our next update.

Update Your Style or Graphic in Our Database: If you have a style or graphic in the database that you would like to update because a new version is now available, please make an update submission. It's important that we are kept to up to date with the latest version of your download in order to provide the highest quality of service to phpBB users. All submissions and update submissions are greatly appreciated.

Link to Your Downloads in Our Database: Would you like to provide a link to all of your downloads that are currently listed in our database? Excellent! This is easy to do. Just visit our search page and type your author name (the one your downloads are listed under) in the appropriate field. Select the type of downloads you are interested in. This will lead to an author search, giving you a link that you can use wherever you would like.

Join the Author Webring: Finally, for those interested, we offer a webring for authors. If you have a website or a section of a website that is dedicated to showcasing your phpBB works (which are listed on, you are welcome to submit that website.

Thank you for reading and, if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.


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