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For Authors: phpBB 3 Style Development Guidelines

Receive help with the installation and customization of the appearance of your phpBB 3, including styles and graphics. This is also where style and graphic authors can develop new styles and graphics (please read the guidelines first) and discuss development in general.
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For Authors: phpBB 3 Style Development Guidelines

Postby Patrick » January 11th 2011, 6:17 pm


Thank you for visiting

In addition to style and graphic requests and general style and design related discussion, our phpBB 3 Style and Design Support and Development forum also plays host to threads dedicated to the development of specific styles and graphics, as well as style development discussion in general.

At, one of the things that we value most is the great relationships that we have with authors. Your work is greatly appreciated and we are happy to have you as a member of this community.

Before utilizing this forum to develop a style or graphic, please take a moment to read the following guidelines so that you can ensure that any thread that you start will adhere to them.

1. Development threads should be used to share the creation of new styles or graphics and to ask others to provide feedback about the styles or graphics (including style testing), in order to help authors to improve their work and reach a stable release.

2. When you are developing styles and graphics and you need to provide links for people to download them, please link directly to the file wherever possible. Please do not link to a general site or database of downloads.

3. When providing a demo, please link directly to the demo. Again, please do not link to a general site where the demo may be found through navigation.

4. Please only link when there is a reasonable purpose for the link (download link, demo link, a link that addresses a specific question or concern, etc.). Please do not use your thread to blatantly advertise your website.

5. Registration should not be required to download the file or to view a demo, except if the functionality of a style relates to features provided to registered users only.

6. This forum is not for non-development and stable releases. We offer an organized database of styles and graphics and that is why we do not allow release threads in our Support Forums.

When a style or graphic is ready to be released, please submit it at Please only use this forum for the pre-release development of your styles and graphics.

However, this forum can be used for the improvement and further development of future versions of already released styles and graphics.

7. When a new stable version of a style or graphic is released, please be sure to make an update submission to our database. It's important that we are kept to up to date with the latest version of your download in order to provide the highest quality of service to phpBB users. All submissions and update submissions are greatly appreciated.

8. If you release a new non-development or stable version of your style or graphic without consulting your development thread, you may make a note of this in your development thread after it has been submitted to the database.

9. Please do not develop styles and graphics here if you do not plan to release them here by submitting them to our database.

10. Please do not use your development thread as a support thread. We do not encourage the creation of a single thread for a given download, where an author attempts to get everyone who has a question about his or her download to ask it on that specific thread.

11. Please do not tell users to post related issues somewhere other than If you are developing the style or graphic here, it is reasonable for members to post issues here.

12. You are welcome to create development threads at other sites, but please do not use your development thread here as a means of forcibly sending people to those other sites.

13. Please remember that, as with any contributions to these forums, our User Guidelines apply to all posts, with any exceptions listed above.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for reading and for developing your styles and graphics at
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