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Congratulations to Pirate Galaxy Forum and OXPUS!

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Congratulations to Pirate Galaxy Forum and OXPUS!

Postby Thoul » January 27th 2013, 4:08 am


Featured phpBB

Congratulations to Pirate Galaxy Forum! They have been selected as the Featured phpBB for the month of January 2013.

Pirate Galaxy Forum is the official forum for a massively multiplayer online science fiction game.


Featured phpBB Info:

Featured Author

Congratulations to OXPUS, who has been selected as the Featured Author for the month of January 2013.


Downloads: ... thor=OXPUS
Personal Site:
Featured Author Info:

Changes to Featured Award Format

This month's Featured phpBB and Featured Author awards mark the launching of two changes in these awards. First and most notably, there is a new award image design that matches our recently launched site design. You can see an example of the new award images above.

The second change is that it is now possible for an author to be selected as the Featured Author more than once. A stated restriction preventing this has never existed, but I feel some clarification on the matter would be merited since this is the first month it has actually happened. The Featured Author award program has been running for nearly nine years now. In that time, a lot of great authors have been selected. While having been selected previously is an honor, the Featured Author award granted to those authors only recognized their contributions to the community up until the point each was awarded. However, many of those authors have continued to contribute in a meaningful way for years after their previous award selection.

I feel that the beginning of this new year of 2013 and the launch of the new award design presents a wonderful opportunity to officially open the award to recognizing some of these authors based on their continued contributions. Previous winners may be selected again if twelve months have passed since they were last selected as a Featured Author and their continued contributions merit winning the award again. This doesn't mean that every month will feature a previous winner. It only means that previous winners are considered eligible to be selected for the award again. New authors and those who have not won previously remain eligible as well.

Thank you for visiting and for reading. :)

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Re: Congratulations to Pirate Galaxy Forum and OXPUS!

Postby Geolim4 » January 27th 2013, 5:41 am

Heyyy congrat bro !!
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Re: Congratulations to Pirate Galaxy Forum and OXPUS!

Postby Patrick » January 27th 2013, 11:51 am

Congrats! :) Karsten has always contributed to the community in an admirable way and I was always proud to have him as a part of it!

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Re: Congratulations to Pirate Galaxy Forum and OXPUS!

Postby oxpus » January 28th 2013, 12:27 pm

Thanks for the second featuring (after Oct. 2005).
I was suprised about this.
Karsten Ude |
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