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Changing Your Site Logo on phpBB 3

Changing Your Site Logo on phpBB 3

Postby ~HG~ » August 26th 2009, 3:31 pm

Table of Contents

• Uploading Your Logo
• Refreshing Your Theme
• Resizing Your Logo
• Updating imageset.cfg

Uploading Your Logo

First of all, you need to find yourself a logo (or even create your own), and name/rename it to site_logo.gif.

Note: Some custom styles may use other extensions such as .png.

Next, using your FTP client, you need to upload it to: /styles/style_name/imageset/*

It is advisable to first rename the existing logo to site_logoBU.gif, so that you have a backup of it in case you need it.

You have successfully uploaded your logo.

Refresh Your Theme

Since you already have an existing logo, it's most likely already compiled to your file system - we need to refresh that in order for your new logo to show up.

Login to your board and navigate to the Administration Control Panel (ACP). From here, click on the "Styles" tab at the top. Select "Themes" in the side menu and then click "Refresh" next to the name of the template that you're using. Confirm this action.

Your logo should now be displaying in the forums. If it's not, try refreshing your browser.

Resizing Your Logo

If your new logo is distorted, this is because the logo you replaced had different dimensions which you need to edit.

Navigate back to the ACP > Styles and click on "Imagesets" in the side menu. Next to the style you're using, click "Edit". Choose "Main logo" in the drop down box and press the "Select" button.

Here you should see the image height and width beneath. Enter the correct dimensions of the logo you uploaded. Click "Submit".

Updating imageset.cfg

Note: By using the above described method, you will not change your .cfg file and if you have the need to upload it again at a later date (for example, if you move your site to a new server), then the dimension changes you made in your ACP will be overwritten.

It is advisable to also change you site logo dimensions in your .cfg files for this reason. The relevant file is style/style_name imageset/imageset.cfg.
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