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Backing Up and Restoring Database

Backing Up and Restoring Database

Postby Jaeboy » June 3rd 2003, 9:55 am

I've noticed many people having problem with backing up and restoring their phpBBs. It is really very easy! Here is the guide, explained in an easy to understand way.
      • Via phpBB:
        • Step 1 - Backing Up
            - Go to your current forum's admin panel
            - Select Backup Database under General Admin tab
            - Select Data only backup, if you have some modifications that use your database, select Full backup
            - Once downloaded
        • Step 2 - Restoring
            - Go to your new forum's admin panel
            - Select Restore Database under General Admin tab
            - Chose the file you've downloaded from your old board
            - Click Start Restore

      If this fails then follow the next step

      • Via phpmyadmin:
        • Step 1 - Backing Up
            - Go to your phpmyadmin, or any database manager
            - Select all the phpbb tables (normally have phpbb_ prefix)
            - Select Data only if you don't have any modification that uses your database or else chose Structure and data
            - Now select option SAVE AS FILE and EXPORT or DUMP in other DB manager
              *You will then prompted for download a file with extention .sql*
        • Step 2 - Breaking Up
            - You need to break up the SQL file into 1mb or less before uploading cause your server could be overloaded and you'll receive server time out!
            - If it is too heavy you can delete the the data of phpbb_search_wordlist, phpbb_search_wordmatch, they are used to speed up search topic on the board.
            - If it is still too heavy you can *eliminate the rank table phpbb_ranks and also bad word table phpbb_words
            - If it is still too heavy, try *emilinating the private message table phpbb_privmsgs and phpbb_privmsgs
        • Step 3 - Restoring
            - Go to your new server where the phpmyadmin is, or any database manager
            - Scroll down and you'll see "Run SQL query/queries on database xxx"
            - Then browse for your file and chose GO
            - Repeat Step 3 until all the file parts have been upload
              - If you don't see and "Run SQL query/queries on database xxx" maybe your phpmyadmin has it sperated in the SQL tab at the top
    - When i say eliminate in Step 2 phpmyadmin "breaking up", only delete the lines,

    For example:
    Code: Select all
    INSERT INTO phpbb_search_wordmatch (post_id, word_id, title_match) VALUES('3810', '7095', '0');

    not the lines

    Code: Select all
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS phpbb_search_wordmatch;
    CREATE TABLE phpbb_search_wordmatch(
    	post_id mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL,
    	word_id mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL,
    	title_match tinyint(1) NOT NULL, 
    	KEY word_id (word_id), 
    	KEY post_id (post_id)

          Useful links
        • Dariolius
            Break it up
            I use KanastaCorp Dariolius, it's a very light software - it is even free for personal use!

        • MySQL Front
            Query your database from your pc
            After breaking up, am lazy to go to my phpmyadmin so I just start mySQL front and it will update my database directly! And oh, it's a freeware!

    Updated on the 25th October 03

See also: Installing and Using phpmyadmin.
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