phpBB 2 Forum Buttons

Here are some buttons that you can use on your phpBB.

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Mixed Blue View Topic Buttons
Set of blue view topic forum buttons. PSD included.
Neon Green and Black Forum Buttons
Set of neon green and black forum buttons and images. Includes view topic and folder images.
Olive Green Button Set (PSD)
A simple, clean, and green forum button set from large to small button sizes.
Orchid Buttons (Black Background_
Set of blue gel capsule buttons for a black background.
Pink and Gray Double Arrow Buttons (White Background)
Pink and gray button set for white backgrounds that features double arrows.
Pink Arrow Buttons
Set of pink arrow buttons for your phpBB.
Pink Line Button Set (Light Backgrounds)
Pink bordered button set for white or light colored backgrounds.
Silver Button Set
Set of stylish silver buttons that should work on both light and dark templates. Blank copies are also included.
Smilie Sign Buttons
Set of forum buttons that depict smilies holding up signs. They are made for white backgrounds.
subPurple Forum Buttons
Purple button set based upon the original subSilver buttons.
subSilver Large Menu Buttons
Alters the menu at the top of your phpBB.
WeaponX Buttons Dark Button Set
Forum button set for dark backgrounds.
Weave Button Set (Green)
Green, weave style button set.