phpBB 2 Forum Buttons

Here are some buttons that you can use on your phpBB.

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Blue Buttons
Blue button set for your phpBB.
Blue Stylus Portal Forum Buttons
Buttons from the Blue Stylus Portal Template.
Blue Template Buttons
Set of buttons based on subSilver that are made to be compatible with the Blue Template.
BlueBrew Button Set
Blue button set left blank in .gif format so you can add your own text/images.
Brown Button Set
Brown button set for your phpBB, suitable for any background color.
Brown Pillow Buttons
The above set consist of 14 general buttons for use in phpBB forums can be used for dark or black background.
eDo Template Button Set (English)
Set of English forum buttons for the eDo Template.
FI Apple Button Set
Forum Buttons from the FI Apple Template.
FI Black Button Set
FI Black button set.
FI subGreen Santa Button Set
Complete FI subSilver style forum button set with a Christmas theme.
FI subSilver Button Set
FI subSilver button set.
FI subSilver Santa Button Set
Complete FI subSilver style forum button set with a Christmas theme.
Glow Gold Buttons (Dark Backgrounds)
Set of gold forum buttons for dark backgrounds.
Green Button Set
A complete set of subsilver buttons where the blue borders and some blue lettering is green. Other colours, such as the orange lettering, are unchanged.
Grey Forum Button Set (Light Backgrounds)
Set of grey (with white, red and black accents) subSilver folder images. Includes all images needed for the default installation.
Hyper Buttons
This hack will add a special alpha hover effect on all of your forum/PM buttons.
iPhone Design Buttons
Set of forum buttons inspired by the Apple iPhone. Includes both English and German languages.
MarGiNaL Buttons
Gold button set with French and English versions included.
Menu Buttons for VistaX Template
Header button set intended for use with the VistaX Template.
Metallic Black Buttons
Metallic black button sets for your phpBB.