phpBB 2 Folder Images

Folder images mark the active (and not active) forums and topics on your phpBB.

Important: Official security patches no longer offered for phpBB 2.

Folders (Blue) 2
Set of blue folders.
Folders (Blue) 3
Set of blue folders.
Folders (Blue) 4
Set of blue folders.
Folders (Blue) 5
Set of blue folders.
Folders (Glazed Blue)
Set of glazed blue folders.
Folders (Grey)
Set of grey folders.
Folders (Shiny, Multi Color)
Set of folders.
Folders (Yellow)
Set of yellow folders.
Folders (Yellow) 2
Set of yellow folders.
Four Diamonds Folder Images
Four Diamonds folder images.
Game Pad Folder Images
Set of game pad folder images.
Gender - Female Folder Images
Gender - Female folder images.
Gender - Male Folder Images
Gender - Male folder images.
Globe Folder Images
Globe folder images.
Gun Folder Images
Set of gun folder images.
Heart Folder Images
Heart folder images.
iMac Folder Images
Set of iMac folder images.
Motor Bike Folder Images
Set of motor bike folder images.
Mozilla Folder Images
Set of Mozilla folder images.
MSN Folder Images
Set of MSN folders.