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Managing Online Forums, a manual for the community admin

Supported Sites

Below, you will find a list of sites that support phpBBHacks.com by adding a link to us in their phpBB or web site footer. If you want to get on this list, and more importantly, you love the phpBBHacks.com website, you can setup a link to us in the footer of your web site and e-mail us. We recommend "We Support phpBBHacks.com" - but feel free to create a variant. We appreciate any support, but we do reserve the right to reject adding supported sites to this list due to website content or other factors. Thank you for supporting phpBBHacks.com.

Sites that support us:

EZmuney blog
Fringes of Algo
Heartland Discussion Forums
LaG - Linux and Gaming Forums
Living in Cebu Forums
phpBB Info
phpBB Smith
RPG Forums Online
Suporte phpBB
Uffen Projektit
Wanda's Web