Featured phpBBs of 2011 is an online community for cross stitchers, those who engage in the popular form of embroidery.
December 2011

Wacom Forum
Wacom Forum is the official forum of the European division of Wacom, the leading maker of graphics tablets.
November 2011

OSXForums is an unofficial enthusiast community aimed at Apple's line of products, designed by phpBB style author Christian Bullock.
October 2011

Gas Powered Games Forums
Gas Powered Games is a video game developer that has released games such as "Age of Empires Online," "Kings and Castles," the "Supreme Commander" and "Dungeon Siege" franchises and more.
September 2011

NintendoLand is, as the name suggests, a community for Nintendo enthusiasts, featuring discussion based around the company's games and consoles.
August 2011

Bloodline Champions Community Forums
Bloodline Champions is a free, skill-based, competitive player vs. player arena game developed by Stunlock Studios.
July 2011

Lush Longboards Forum
Lush Longboards is a manufacturer of longboards, a specific type of skateboard, that is based in the United Kingdom and has been in the business for around 12 years.
June 2011

ColorizeIt Forum
ColorizeIt is a service aimed at making it easier for webmasters to change the color scheme of templates and styles that they download for various pieces of software. It is owned by phpBB style author Vjacheslav Trushkin.
May 2011

Wolfram|Alpha Community Forum
Wolfram|Alpha is an answer engine that aims to be a "new way to get knowledge and answers - not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms and methods."
April 2011

.Bad Gaming Community
.Bad Gaming Community serves as the hub for the .Bad Network of Counter Strike gaming servers. Their style was designed by phpBB style author Christian Bullock.
March 2011

Bruce Campbell Community
This is the official community of actor Bruce Campbell, who has appeared in films like "The Evil Dead," "Escape from L.A.," "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and more.
February 2011

PSNF is a community focused on everything related to the Sony PlayStation video gaming console. Their community was designed by phpBB style author Christian Bullock.
January 2011